Render: Interior: 3d's Max+ Vray+ Photoshop Post Production

Interior Render_ Vray Lighting_ Realistic Lighting_ India

Product Designing- Jewellery Design- Saudi Arabia

Exhibition/ Event Design- Aujan - Rani- Barbican Turbo Event- Dubai- Design Company - Custom Motor show- Parkour freeform running and 'flaring' from professional UK bar staff - Free Style

Lurpak - Dubai - Exhibition / Stall Designing

Concept Design_ Photoshop manipulation

Vray Interior Render

Interior Design, Vray_ Mirror _ Steel _ Material

Interior Night Lighting Vray Rendering Engine IES Lighting

Product Design_ Children's Desk_ Furniture Modelling

Exterior Render_ Vray Proxy_ Camera_ Z depth Map_ Wire Colour_ Render Elements

Vray Exterior _ Influences_ Paul d nicholls_ Architect_ HDRI Lighting_ India_ Hajosh

Interior Render Design Vray Lighting

Myntra _ POP_ Purchase_ Retail Design_ Bangalore

Interior Render_ IFB artkitchen_ Modern Kitchen Designs

Vray Render- Depth of Field - Interior

Vray Exterior Render- Vray Proxy - Grass_ Forest pack_ HDRI Lighting, 3d's Max

Architectural Design _ Vray Exterior_ Night Lighting

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